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Old Grey Whistle Test
Strings & Things
Tricks of the Trade
Watch Tony's videos online, please click [view] next to the video title to load the video.

A night with the Chef ! [view] 9.8mb mp4
Top tip! If your "producer" comes round your house, ply him with gin and tonic until he comes over all unnecessary then drive him to the station and put him on a train.
Library Track Trailer. [view] 7mb mp4
This is a track I recently recorded with my chum, Robert A. White. A full video record will follow, of all the tracks going down individually. Grizzled old professional musicians may care to nip out to the pub during that bit.
Ollie's Session with The Chief. [view] 129.9mb mp4
Quena Tutorial 1 [view] 5.3mb mp4
Now even you can play the Quena
Quena Tutorial 2 [view] 4.5mb mp4
Quena Tutorial 3 [view] 6.1mb mp4
Quena Tutorial 4 [view] 8.3mb mp4
Quenas 1 [view] 2.1mb mp4
Quenas 2 [view] 10mb mp4
Quenas 3 [view] 18.6mb mp4
Skye Boat Disaster [view] 4.3mb mp4
Some simple harmony whistle here.
Teaching [view] 4.6mb mp4
Tony @ Ollies 05 [view] 4.9mb mp4
Here is Tony working on the unfinished Hinnigan CD. Dangerous Currents.

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