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Old Grey Whistle Test
Strings & Things
Tricks of the Trade
Watch Tony's videos online, please click [view] next to the video title to load the video.

A taste of Bahu [view] 2.6mb mp4
Bingamon Ahava Rabba Whistle. [view] 7.8mb mp4
Tony tries to make sense of this unusual instrument
Blackwood Whistles [view] 25mb mp4
Bleazey High D [view] 7.3mb mp4
Chieftain V3 [view] 13.4mb mp4
The New Version 3 Chieftain low D whistle.
Dixon Alloy D [view] 4.4mb mp4
Dixon High D [view] 4.2mb mp4
The New Dixon high D tunable whistle.
Dixon Trad D [view] 3.1mb mp4
Feadogs & Hinnigan [view] 11.1mb mp4
Tony tries out the new Feadogs.
Fred Rose Review [view] 10.7mb mp4
Two high D's of very different quality, but both excellent instruments.
Hinnigan on High Ds pt1 [view] 67.7mb mp4
Hinnigan on High Ds pt2 [view] 2.7mb mp4
Hinnigan Profiles/Chieftain Gold-Harper [view] 6.5mb mp4
Hinnigan Profiles/Susato-Sindt [view] 8.7mb mp4
Hinnigan Reviews Bleazey [view] 115.2mb m4v
A selection of Phil Bleazey instruments.
Hora High D [view] 6.7mb mp4
In Maple and Acacia woods with very soft volume.
Howard Low C [view] 7mb mp4
Hudson Winds Review [view] 19.8mb mp4
Three brass whistles, all very different. Bonsteel has it hands down on price and playablity. For a new maker, he has come up with something of real value to the whistle community.
Kerry Songbird Low D [view] 3.9mb mp4
Please remember that this whistle is only available from SHOP.
Le Meur High D [view] 3.9mb mp4
Love at first whistle!
New Kerry Low D Review-ish [view] 8.7mb mp4
Caught on the hop, Tony checks out the new Kerry Low D.
NPL Abell factor [view] 1.7mb mp4
NPL Chieftain Factor [view] 2.1mb mp4
Please remember this is a large bore whistle.
NPL Factor Introduction [view] 3.2mb mp4
A lot of whistle players talk, almost obsessively about "backpressure". I have given this some thought and decided to use "The Red-Haired Lass" at 96 bpm as a benchmark to measure the "npl" (notes per lungfull) factor of commercially available instruments.
NPL Results [view] 6.3mb mp4
Here are the findings for the first set of whistles.
NPL Sindt Factor. [view] 2.3mb mp4
Overtons [view] 24.2mb mp4
Four Overton Low Ds from each decade starting in the 70s.
Overtons Again 2009 [view] 35.4mb mp4
Ralph Sweet Flute D [view] 4.8mb mp4
Reyburn Low D [view] 6.7mb mp4
Slow Airs 1 [view] 5.7mb mp4
Slow Airs 3 [view] 3.2mb mp4
Slow Airs 4 [view] 3.3mb mp4
Slow Airs 5 [view] 3.9mb mp4
Slow Airs 6 [view] 4.2mb mp4
Slow Airs 7 [view] 4.8mb mp4
Swaine's Comparison [view] 12.3mb mp4
Two different Swaines, one Ebony, the other Cherry.
Swaine's Comparison 2 [view] 2.5mb mp4
Sweetheart Pro - Susato Ds [view] 6.6mb mp4
Tamlin Wood D [view] 5.1mb mp4
Thornton High D [view] 9.5mb mp4
Tony reviews Tommy Martin's Thornton high D
Tony & Swaine Low D [view] 3.4mb mp4
Here is Tony playing a very rare Swaine Ebony Low D
Tony Dixon Bb tunable [view] 5.4mb mp4
Tony Dixon D Flute [view] 6mb mp4
Tony Plays Phil & Fred [view] 16.8mb mp4
Tony Plays Sindt [view] 3.1mb mp4
A beautiful little brass whistle by John Sindt.
Tony Reviews kerry Optima Low D [view] 45.8mb m4v
Waltons Mellow D [view] 4mb mp4
Good name,great whistle!
Weston Cherry C [view] 4.1mb mp4
Weston Cherry High D [view] 4.5mb mp4
Weston Copper High D [view] 4.5mb mp4
Weston Hawthorne C [view] 5.4mb mp4
Weston Shivas [view] 10.2mb mp4
Weston Whistles Again [view] 6.5mb mp4
Weston Whistles Revisited [view] 17.8mb mp4
Whistle Rant! [view] 4.9mb mp4
Whistle Wishlist inc OZ Whistle High D [view] 28.7mb mp4
Here is the Chief's whistle wish list including the absolutely BRILLIANT OZ Whistles high D.

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